The Sanctuary-Shildon - Registered Charity No. 1175113 - provides a community-based, non time limited FREE Counselling.
However, at the initial session; a 5 one off fee will be payable to cover admin as of 1st August 2017.
Please note we do not have card facilities.


The Service enables people to explore and resolve a variety of psychological issues and difficulties experienced in life.
We encompass the social well-being of a client and apply a holistic approach.
Our "eclectic" style of counselling means that every client receives individual treatment.

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Theories and Techniques utilised include:
*Person Centred

We may be able to help with the following issues:
Eating Disorders
Rape/Sex Abuse (Historical And Current)
LGBT Issues
Identity Confusion
Family Breakdown
Caring For Others
Anger Management
Self Harm

Counselling is a way of exploring any worries or concerns you may be experiencing by talking confidentially with
a trained professional who will offer you help and support.
The Counsellor will help you find your own answers by exploring your thoughts and feelings that you may not be
able to discuss with friends or family.

The Service has 2 Rape and Sexual Abuse trained Counsellors, 6 General Counsellors and 1 Childrens
All Staff are fully trained, advanced disclosure checked and insured.

The Sanctuary-Shildon are sometimes asked by clients or other agencies to write reports on the progress made in counselling.

We are not normally in the position to do this because of our duty of confidentiality to our clients.
However, we can in certain circumstances with written consent from the client provide brief data regarding the dates and number of sessions attended.

Clients, the police and the courts ask for access to client records.

These records are not suitable as evidence in most legal proceedings and the Sanctuary reserves the right to resist legal requests to produce records in court.
We do this in order to protect our clients and the reputation of the Sanctuary as a provider of confidential counselling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Counselling?

We offer a safe environment to talk about your life, anything that may be confusing or painful.
It allows you to talk with someone who can work through your life experiences and perhaps improve your life.

Is Counselling an instant cure?

No! Sometimes Counselling initially can be quite difficult but rest assured you will always be in a safe place at the end of the session.

How long is a session?

A session takes 50 minutes

Does it work?

We treat people as what they are "individuals" and different people will get differing results from the Therapeutic sessions.

Recent studies (Centre for Clinical Excellence) reported 80% of clients experienced
a vast improvement.

How do I book an appointment?

You will need to be registered with the Service by filling out a Referral Form.
Basic contact details and some background on why you would like to see a Counsellor.
(The latter is so we can allocate you a Counsellor with the level of training necessary to assist you)

Can I bring a friend?

Someone may accompany you. However, they will not be allowed to enter the Counselling Suite
(There are numerous cafes in Shildon)

How much will it cost?

We do not charge for Counselling Services.
However, at the initial session; a 5 one off fee will be payable to cover admin as of 1st August 2017.
Please note we do not have card facilities.

The Sanctuary only exists through donations and our volunteers who tirelessly fundraise;
If you would like to donate it will be gratefully accepted and help us to carry on this vital service.
If you were paying for your sessions elsewhere the pricing structure ranges from 25-60 (a session)

What do I do if I need help outside of my sessions?

We are not a Crisis Counselling Service and run strictly by appointment. If you need further support you should contact the following:
- Your own GP
- The Samaritans- 08457909090
- Non urgent NHS helpline-111

The Sanctuary-Shildon - Registered Charity No. 1175113

Updated 1357 - 9 May 2018